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Posted on 27-11-2023 14:23:16

It’s a tad more manic than usual at this time of year.

CASTING TIME IS NOW 2 - 2 and a half weeks

If this is a Christmas present please pay by card and ask for the EXPRESS service

Sorry chaps. If only we weren’t so popular!

A little Crann Tara news

Posted on 26-10-2023 13:53:11

Just in case you didn’t know, we also own CRANN TARA MINIATURES ( Specialist in Mid C18th wargames. These are painted by the talented Mr Mark Hargreaves of OPEN FIRE. He is the artost and author of several WWI and Mahdist wars painting guides that we have published under the Partizan Press imprint, and his latest, dealing with the 30 Years War and English Civil Wars, is imminent


IN case our European friends have forgotten, all orders are sent without any extra vat or handling fees to be paid.

News Item Image

New 32mm Skellington Range

Posted on 02-10-2023 15:13:12

We have a new range of 32mm fantasy Skellingtons just in time for Halloween. Check them out under the FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION / 32mm Fantasy section.

News Item Image

Increase to Casting Times

Posted on 11-05-2023 16:32:58


Sorry chaps. If only we weren’t so popular!

New Middle Eastern Modern 28mm Range

Posted on 27-01-2023 21:48:07

We have a cracking new range under our Forgotten Front Miniatures section. Covering Taliban, ISIS Terrorists & Syrian Freedom Fighters these figures are well priced for bigger battles.

News Item Image

Painted Arctic Commando's

Posted on 18-01-2023 11:48:07

Many Thanks to the talented Wargames Illustrated team for the great paint job! You can find the figures in the Forgotten Front Miniatures section.
Photo supplied by Wargames Illustrated

News Item Image


Posted on 11-12-2022 13:51:13

We have a new range of 28mm figures for you to take a look at under the FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Section.

News Item Image

Space Scum Now Available

Posted on 22-07-2022 14:51:02

Our new range for the Stargrave etc. fans amongst you.
The figures are sold with separate heads to give you endless combinations and conversion ideas.
The smaller scales look great with the 28mm heads OR grab the smaller heads for 15/20mm games.
Here are pictures of the green to give you some idea.

News Item Image

More Classic Fantasy Added

Posted on 11-03-2022 20:00:14

We have added a load more figures to our classic fantasy ranges including.
Sword & Sorcery Cavalry and More Hobgoblins Added To Classic Fantasy Range.

25mm Old School Fantasy Figures

Posted on 21-01-2022 14:38:08

Just to show what you can do with Old School Miniatures, here are some shots of Rob Wheeler’s superb paint job.

News Item Image


Posted on 07-12-2021 12:18:31

There has been a lot of interest in our Regency Zombie Hunters range for this fantasy Napoleonic rules, just out.

Over at Caliver Books, we do rules & figures deals for those of you who want a start-up.

Here’s Lord Byron for you!

News Item Image

Westfalia Forge Wagons and Coaches

Posted on 06-11-2021 12:30:35

We have a great new range of 28mm wagons and coaches from Westfalia Forge. They have miniatures suitable for the 17th though into the 20th centuries.

News Item Image


Posted on 01-07-2021 13:47:05

CRANN TARA MINIATURES is now part of the Caliver Books/ Matchlock Miniatures Empire

We shall keep it on it's separate site, though sample and some individual figures will appear on here later

The main focus is the mid-1740’s. The armies Britain and Continental Europe will continue to expand, as will figures for the War in Canada and the Caribbean. There are some surprises planned over the next 12 months.

News Item Image

STP Miniatures Russian Civil War

Posted on 17-05-2021 16:12:38

There is a new addition in the STP Miniatures Russian Civil War range.

STP 30 Army of Nestor Mahno (Anarchist) infantry)

News Item Image

Restock of STP Miniatures

Posted on 08-05-2021 12:10:49

We have had a good restock of STP Miniatures including the War of 1812 Russian Grenadiers. It has a great variety of poses, officers etc included.

News Item Image


Posted on 07-01-2021 13:46:40

If you want to pick anything up from the shop contact us first
Stay Safe


Posted on 28-12-2020 11:54:48

Royal Mail has increased their charges, both for Domestic and International post

This has coincided with the removal of VAT for items to Europe, and course staff time in dealing with the new paperwork

The system we inherited can’t cope with complicated calculations so for simplicity we have decided to adjust the postage.



Posted on 10-12-2020 16:07:33

Fancy some Man-eating Plants? Pixies?

Well, they are all there in our Classic Fantasy Range under the 25mm section just check in the Valley of the Four Winds / World of Greyhawk Subcategory.

STP Russian Civil War

Posted on 25-11-2020 18:20:36

We now have the splendid Cossacks now in from STP miniatures.

News Item Image

STP Miniatures & New World of Wonder Figure

Posted on 24-03-2020 16:15:09

We have a great new range of Russian Civil War figures form STP Miniatures in stock. You can find them under the STP Miniatures section. We also have something large added under Waynes World of Wonder presenting RSF 18 'S Right.

News Item Image


Posted on 11-03-2020 14:45:48

Here we have some lovely examples of our Lone Wolf Figures painted by Marco Gariboldi. Just look under the Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Fantasy under Matchlock Miniatures to find these and more.

News Item Image

Zona Alfa Deal

Posted on 16-01-2020 15:26:42

We have a great deal for Zona Alfa the game where you Explore, salvage, and survive inside the Exclusion Zone in this near-future Eastern European-themed skirmish wargame.

For just 15.00 you get both a set of the rules and 4 figures from A random Mix from one or all of BULLETS & BRAINS, WINTER OF -79, WEIRD WAR THREE, WAYNE’S WORLD OF WONDER.

Just look to Alpha Squad and Zombies and Bullets and Brians Ranges or Rogue Miniatures / Wayne's World

News Item Image

Gift Vouchers for All

Posted on 17-12-2019 15:59:52

Its that time of year when we are all scrambling around looking for that last-minute gift. Well, fear not as we are part of the Caliver Books empire we accept their gift vouchers here as well. Just pop over and grab yourself a voucher to give to a fellow wargamer and your gift problems are sorted.

News Item Image

New Additions to the Rogue Miniatures Range

Posted on 05-06-2019 14:56:53

We have some more figures for this movie/television inspired range. Check out some examples below and then check out the whole range!

News Item Image

Some Great 10mm Cold War figures and May News

Posted on 16-05-2019 15:08:20

We have some great news for news of our older ranges we have the Chinese and Samurai 25mm 'S' range are back in production(just look at the bottom of the 25mm ranges to find them). That's not all we have also found the mould for the large collectors model of the Minifigs Logo and will be putting up some more of these large scale figures in the future. We have also added 2 modern Bridge laying tanks plus bridges as well in the 10mm modern range and to celebrate lets feast our eyes on some great 10mm cold war Russian hardware painted by the talented Barry Evans, from

News Item Image

New Setting the East Ablaze Figures!

Posted on 08-01-2019 17:05:03

Three new Tibetan figures have just been added to our Setting the East Ablaze Range - Just look under the Forgotten Front Miniatures Heading to find the Setting the East Ablaze range.

News Item Image

Chinese Cavalry

Posted on 04-10-2018 17:42:59

Take a look at these lovely Chinese Cavalry figures from our Setting The East Ablaze 1914 - 1930 range. Painted for us by Mark Hargreaves of Over Open Sights.

News Item Image

Some Great 28mm Survivors Paint Jobs

Posted on 27-09-2018 10:40:08

The good people of Little Ninja Painting have done a cracking job with these zombies apocalypse survivors from our Bullets and Brians range.

News Item Image

Coming Soon!

Posted on 12-09-2018 11:49:46

A sneak peek at some great new figures coming to Matchlock Miniatures.

News Item Image

Great 10mm Modern Paint Jobs!

Posted on 17-08-2018 21:49:20

Barry Evans of Miniature Figure Painter has sent us an example of there work which you can see below. The figures are all from our 10mm modern American range.

News Item Image

Aureola Rococo Tunnel Elves and more

Posted on 01-08-2018 16:25:11

We have added some classic Tunnel Elves (ARE11-21) that can be found under 25mm Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi / Aureola Rococo. We have also added another of the Knights of the silver rose (ARH4).

Additions to the Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi Range

Posted on 16-07-2018 16:01:25

A plethora of additions to our classic 'SPACE WARRIORS & SCI-FI' range, which you can find under 25mm Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi. We have also added a few more codes to our 'Classic Fantasy' Range as well.

Minifigs 15mm & 25mm

Posted on 05-07-2018 14:54:28

A group of Various Minifigs, 15mm & 25mm, painted and sent in by Little Ninja Studios

News Item Image

Additions to Classic Fantasy Ranges

Posted on 24-05-2018 12:57:03

We have yet more additions to our classic fantasy ranges. With first of all a half dozen more Skeletons to be found under 25mm Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi / Skeletons. Also, we have added to more figures to our 25mm Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi / Classic Fantasy.

Pirates re-released and more Swamp Lords

Posted on 17-05-2018 17:46:36

Due to popular demand, we have re-issued the old 25mm Pirates range. To find them just take a look under our 25mm Catalogue under From to Shot. Also, we have just added VFW112 Throne Litter Bearer, to the Swamp lords range under 25mm Catalogue, Classic Fantasy & Sci-Fi Ranges.

Bullets & Brains 28mm Zombie Skirmish

Posted on 26-04-2018 14:09:39

We thought you'd like to know that the 28mm zombie range BULLETS & BRAINS is now owned by us. It's unique in that each civilian/military figure is mirrored by a zombified version. All sold individually.

News Item Image

New 10mm Modern

Posted on 07-02-2018 15:16:36

Here is a quick look at our a couple of our new Chinese Modern 10mm AFV's

News Item Image

Inspirational painting by Battle Brush Studios

Posted on 29-08-2017 15:55:50

Here are some great Minifigs 25mm Napoleonic's from Battle Brush Studios

News Item Image


Posted on 29-06-2017 11:03:54

Some lovely Franco-Prussian French infantry from the brush of Matt Golding

News Item Image

Painted 10mm ECW

Posted on 20-06-2017 10:25:18

Figures from the massive collection of Andrew Brentnall, the majority of which are Minifigs 10mm

News Item Image


Posted on 07-06-2017 10:05:29

We are looking for your photos of your 15mm or 25mm Minifigs Ancients, Dark Ages or Medieval. Must be of publishable standard.
Single figures or shots of units. Full acknowledgement and Shop Credit for any used. Painting services accepted


News Item Image

Miniature Design Studios Saxons

Posted on 28-01-2017 11:28:46

Some very nicely painted Saxons from Miniature Design Studios

News Item Image

Painted Giaks

Posted on 28-01-2017 11:26:11

Some Giaks from Joe Dever's lone wolf range

News Item Image

Swamp Lords!

Posted on 28-01-2017 11:25:15

Previously unreleased Swamp Lords preparing for action

News Item Image

Painted Giaks

Posted on 28-01-2017 11:19:01

Some Giaks from Joe Dever's lone wolf range

News Item Image

New 28mm WW2

Posted on 07-01-2017 21:00:22

We have a great new range of 28mm WWII figures take a look under forgotten front

News Item Image

New Range

Posted on 23-12-2016 22:17:48

We now have the Weird WWII Two range from Playwar- A very nice set of typical German and US 28mm plus Soviet Apemen and a few strange Third Reich nasties.

News Item Image

Still Living on the Frontlines!

Posted on 07-06-2016 12:15:33

Our range of figures for Winter of '79: Living on the Frontline is expanding all the time. To go with the latest Land Rover, weapons and figures we've also got a new round of armed civilians and the latest Grenadiers. Click the link on the left for full details.

News Item Image

Living on the Frontlines!

Posted on 20-02-2016 17:10:26

The year is 1979. The setting is a dis-United Kingdom. Civil unrest wracks the streets of Great Britain and it's up to you to put a stop to it and restore order - or to cause a ruckus! An exciting new set of rules now on sale at Caliver Books - 'Winter of '79 - Living on the Frontlines' is also available here, where we've also got a fantastic range of unique figures.

Just check out the links over on the left hand side of the page to see the range of figures and order the rules too.

News Item Image

NEW! 28mm Napoleonic Ottoman Turk Cavalry

Posted on 01-02-2016 12:01:40

The Matchlock Miniatures Napoleonic Ottoman Turk range expands further with six new cavalry figures now in production. Pictures of these exquisite sculpts are below. All come with horses and are available to order now from the menu on the left.

News Item Image

Exciting new Valley of the Four Winds Releases!

Posted on 21-05-2015 16:01:42

We've got some very exciting news in the shape of Demon King Luz, his Amazon captive and dancing demons - this makes up VFW SET 1 and is one of many re-released figures which are adding to our VFW range as we rediscover old moulds!

News Item Image

Napoleonic Ottoman Army

Posted on 21-05-2015 15:45:05

Here are some painted examples of our latest Napoleonic Ottomans. Painted by one of our newest staff members, Jasmin Storey-Smith.

News Item Image

Minifigs now producing Koenig Krieg miniatures!

Posted on 18-02-2015 11:40:03

We are very proud to announce the acquisition of our new range, the Koenig Krieg 15mm Seven Years' War miniatures!

The 28mm range will follow and we've also got 20mm Vietnam and 15mm US Marine Corps ranges too. Check out the ranges under Matchlock Miniatures over on the left hand menu.

News Item Image

25mm Mexican American War back in production!

Posted on 30-12-2014 14:51:29

Great news! We've found one of the missing 25mm Mexican American War moulds. These lovely figures are back in production and available to buy now. Just look under '25mm Colonial Wars' over on the left.

News Item Image

New! Matchlock Miniatures 28mm Napoleonic Ottomans

Posted on 19-12-2014 15:03:08

Latest additions to the ever-growing Matchlock Miniatures range are these lovely Napoleonic Ottomans.

Available now from under the Matchlock 28mm link over on the left.

News Item Image

Latest Forgotten Front Releases

Posted on 17-07-2014 14:24:48

The latest releases in the Forgotten Front WW1 range are these lovely Turkish troops in 28mm. Check out the Forgotten Front link over on the left for more details.

News Item Image

SOTCW Review Minifigs 10mm Vehicles!

Posted on 01-07-2014 14:35:39

The Society of Twentieth-Century Wargamers have reviewed some of our latest vehicle releases.

See here for more details, including how to join:

New releases!

Posted on 25-06-2014 15:49:00

We've been busy getting together a whole bunch of new releases at Minifigs. A few of the latest are 10mm tanks and vehicles. Here's a picture of our Sturmtiger (GV103) which is available under 10mm over on the left.

More to follow!

News Item Image

The Last Levy has arrived

Posted on 12-03-2014 17:57:13

With the Allied armies approaching from both directions, and their own armed forces almost spent, in 1945 the German people took to defending their homes by themselves. Now you can add them to your tabletop thanks to our latest range of Volkssturm figures!

An ever-expanding range of superbly sculpted 28mm civilians with weapons, perfect for defending the vulnerable people of the Reich from the rampaging Soviet hordes and the advancing Western Allies!

Available now under 'Matchlock Miniatures 28mm' over on the left is the complete range.

News Item Image

The Martians have Landed!

Posted on 21-08-2013 09:45:33

The first figure in our new range of Martians has landed and is available to buy now! The Martian drone has proven itself very capable in our test games with its inbuilt Death Ray, exceptional mobility over even the roughest of terrain and tough, armoured hide which renders it immune to all but the largest bore of gun...

And it's a stunning masterpiece of sculpting, its battlefield presence is just enormous - and we've not even released the War Machines yet!

News Item Image

RPG Range Continues to Expand

Posted on 19-07-2013 14:52:05

The lovely range of RPG Manufacturing miniature tanks is continuing to expand, with the latest release being the iconic British Churchill Infantry tank.

Available in a variety of scales - as are all the RPG tanks - the detail is exquisite even on the smallest model, and it'll fit right alongside your British infantry and Armour.

The picture below shows the 1/144th (12mm) model, available now from the link on the left hand side of the page.

News Item Image

Great War of the Worlds!

Posted on 14-05-2013 16:20:39

No one would have believed it in the early years of the twenty first century, that two different companies would want to make Martian figures...

We've noticed that those splendid chaps at Alien Dungeon in the USA, using local talent Rick Priestley and Alessio Cavatore, are storming ahead with their 15mm Martian WW1 variant.

This is something we've been working on ourselves for a while, based around the success of the Setting the East Ablaze/Back of Beyond mythos - only they're far more organised than we have been! Indeed, this was why we started the Forgotten Front 28mm figure range early last year, as a vehicle for slotting in our weirdness...

We are now starting to steadily and (very) slowly release the 28mm figures for our 'Great War of the Worlds' range, sculpted by the famous Gary Morley and Andrew Ellis. We think it's such a brilliant concept that there's definitely room for two variants in the market. Keep your eyes open for more Martian news.

News Item Image

Minifigs Welcomes Miniature Design Studios!

Posted on 22-02-2013 17:02:43

We'd like to announce that we've taken on board the truly excellent Miniature Design Studios ancient range - check out the link on the left for details of how to get hold of them.

For those not familiar with these miniatures, check out the Saxons in the picture below...

News Item Image

Matchlock Pacific War

Posted on 28-01-2013 16:47:31

It's that moment you've all been waiting for...

...unfortunately it's not the best outcome we hoped for. It doesn't seem that the Kickstarter has roused enough interest to make the Pacific War range as viable as we'd hoped. As a result we're going to try it the old-fashioned way.

Check out the Matchlock 28mm Pacific War range on the links to the left, where you'll see the first few figures we've got ready to go.

If they do well we'll bring you more!

28mm Pacific War 1879-1884

Posted on 15-12-2012 14:41:49

The first samples of our forthcoming Pacific War range have returned from the skilled hands of our sculptor. As you can see, they're terrific - and these three figures will be available to buy, but they'll be a very lonely army without their friends, and those will only be possible if the Kickstarter project succeeds.

Below you'll see a Peruvian Infantry Bugler, Peruvian Officer and Peruvian Infantryman ready for action. Now they need some Chileans and more importantly, some comrades!

UPDATE! Latest news - The Kickstarter project closes in FIFTEEN DAYS' TIME! You've got until February the 1st to register your interest in this under-represented area of history. If we don't receive enough interest before the deadline we'll move onto our next, exciting project!

Keep watching for more news!

News Item Image

Forgotten Front Highlanders

Posted on 05-12-2012 17:08:25

Continuing our good news theme, the latest Forgotten Front Miniatures are just off the casting machines!

The first of a range of Wolseley-helmeted Highlanders, perfect for Palestine and Setting the East Ablaze, are now available.

Check out the catalogue for details - and see the pictures of the prototypes!

News Item Image

The Pacific War 1879-1884

Posted on 05-12-2012 16:57:44

By now you've all probably heard of the Kickstarter scheme. Well, we decided it was time to give it a go and we've got the project for you!

In 28mm, Matchlock Miniatures are planning to put together a range of figures for the South American Pacific War of 1879-1884. If you're interested and would like to show your support, please head over to the dedicated page at:

We've got a list of rewards for those who register their interest - so don't miss out on yours!

Vive la Revolucion!

Posted on 16-10-2012 09:39:38

The troops of the Spanish Civil War need armoured cars in the smaller scales just as much as they did in real life - and now Matchlock Miniatures are prepared to supply!

Check out the master for the Bilbao Armoured Car in 15mm. We'll be ready to put this masterpiece into full production shortly - your troops have never had it so good!

News Item Image

The Siberians are Here!

Posted on 17-08-2012 14:55:13

Yes, they've arrived and set up camp at Minifigs - just check out the detail on the models in the picture below. They're now available for you to purchase to examine for yourselves - see the link on the left hand side. These pictures really demonstrate how incredible these figures are!

News Item Image

The Siberians are Coming!

Posted on 30-07-2012 10:45:38

Siberia Miniatures' range of 28mm Imperial Russian Army 1914-1921 will soon be available from Miniature Figurines, and what a range they are! Here are the infantry, but there are command and support units available too. Keep watching for updates!

News Item Image

Duchy of Warsaw Latest!

Posted on 19-07-2012 12:05:34

Our Ever-Expanding Duchy of Warsaw Napoleonic range sees its latest additions in the shape of Lancers and Artillery - available now!

News Item Image

Duchy of Warsaw Grenadiers

Posted on 26-06-2012 09:53:31

Available now - Grenadiers to add to our 28mm Matchlock Duchy of Warsaw range

News Item Image


Posted on 14-06-2012 18:20:46

See WWW.CALIVERBOOKS.COM to order post free until we list the range here

New Range

Posted on 15-05-2012 12:45:18

We have a new line of figures for our Matchlock 28mm Ranges.
The Duchy Of Warsaw 1809-1812.

News Item Image


Posted on 17-04-2012 15:34:08

The first of a range of oddities 1900-2000. All in 28mm

News Item Image


Posted on 24-03-2012 14:49:21

1/1800 scale early C20th Battleships. Wonderfully evocative gaming pieces for those tea-and-cucumber sandwich fueled Dreadnought Naval duels. These models are based on a range produced in 1906 for The British Navy. A such there is no opposition other than the Ruritania or Imagi-Nation of your own

News Item Image

40mm Old West

Posted on 07-03-2012 14:23:19

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the superbly detailed & extensive Wild West Line from the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company.
Many thanks to evilcartoonist over on TMP for the nice group photo.

News Item Image

Czech Legion 28mm and Classic minifigs re-release

Posted on 02-03-2012 17:23:07

Now here is something a little out of the ordinary some lovely new sculpts for the Czech Legion check in the 28mm Matchlock Miniatures section for them!
That brings as to the Re-release of some classic Minifigs 25mm from 1974 MONGOLS/TARTARS see the 25mm Medieval Period section for details

News Item Image

New RPG tank Releases

Posted on 09-11-2011 17:20:13

RPG Tanks have added a range of 1/144 tanks to their existing ranges, also including a Tiger I

New Miniatures

Posted on 11-10-2011 13:36:58

Well to start a new 12mm range for Spanish Civil War we have.
for our 28mm MATCHLOCK WAR OF 1812 we have
US10B DRUMMER, 1814-1815 £1.25
US10C ENSIGN, 1814-1815 £1.25
and finally for our 15mm WW1 range
27WG Austro-Hungarian M.G. and Crew (cap) x 3 £2.75

12mm Diorama's

Posted on 30-09-2011 12:14:01

For those of you interested in our N gauge WWII figures, we have just been sent some links that have created an outbreak of jealousy


Posted on 18-08-2011 13:49:33

Remember, if you pay by credit card you can ask for the exact number of 15mm figures you want rather than pack quantity so that you can custom build units

If you buy over 50 of the same code them there is a 10% discount (also with 25mm codes)

New casting times!

Posted on 22-06-2011 13:21:42

After an heroic effort the casting time is now down to about 6 working days

New Range from Matchlock Miniatures

Posted on 02-03-2011 14:20:05

28mm WWII Poles just released. Just take a look at these beauties painted up for us by the nice people at Artmaster Studios.

News Item Image

16th February News

Posted on 16-02-2011 14:27:17

casting time about 8 working days and growing due to surge in US orders as GFI/MINIFIGS USA put a hold on new orders whilst they clear their backlog. We are putting extra chaps on the job and hope to bring it down to 5 as soon as we can

More Matchlock news

Posted on 18-01-2011 14:26:56

The MATCHLOCK thirty years War 15mm are nearly fully back in production

Falcon Miniatures 25mm late C19th early C20th COLONIAL range are also- these US figures will fit in very well with Minifigs

MATCHLOCK IRISH WARS and DARK AGES 15mm are up and ruining- and there are even some pictures.

many of you have been complimenting us on the quality of the metal we are using.. It's over twice the price of the metal we inherited but is virtually lead free and very robust
Current casting time- as of 17/1/2011 - 5 days


Posted on 06-01-2011 16:07:59

As a wargamer with boxes of odd unpainted figures from over 45 years of wargaming myself  I have always been less that enthusiastic about buying figures in packs.   It always seemed a waste of  precious hobby money.
Whilst the use of set packs is vital for shops and at shows, it always seemed anomalous for mail order  and less for the convenience of the gamer than the producer.  As Matchlock Miniatures I always preferred to sell figures individually  where I could and was pleased that the 25mm Minifigs were sold thus
The idea of this is to to help you make the regiments you want by selling you exactly what you need without wastage.
I'm afraid it's not about selling wadges of single figures. The problem with selling 15mm MINIFIGS individually is the size of the range. To keep even a handful of each in stock would require vast storage areas and  tie up tonnes of metal just in case.  The other option is to cast a single figure to order- which  involves pulling a mould, spinning it a few times to get it warm up enough to and re-file the mould out of the thousand we have . Which just for one or two figures  makes no economic sense.  That said,  we are happy to do so at a premium  price if you contact us.

So please  make an attempt to have you order at least look like regimental quantities
1) ORDERS TO BE PLACED BY ORDINARY E MAIL  ONLY.  HEADED MINIFIGS SPECIAL OFFER. It will be assumed that all quantities will be Single figures.   You must specify if you want horses
2) ORDER MUST BE PAID BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD  ONLY - either phone us with the details first OR go to the CALIVER BOOKS WEBSITE. On top of the splash page is a CUSTOM ORDER FORM.  Just put MINIFIGS as Item and £1 as price, then follow the secure ordering system
We may already have you card details on our off site secure system so check by phone or email

There will be a 10%  discount on orders of more than 45 of any code
Any questions, feel free to e mail


Posted on 06-12-2010 11:06:07

Minifigs/Matchlock will start up again January 4th
And a Happy New Year from


MATCHLOCK 28mm back in production

Posted on 11-11-2010 16:35:36

Just a quick note to let you know that the Matchlock 28mm range is back up and running. Just take a look at these nice Penninsula War paint jobs from Artmaster Studio to see how they are turning out.

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Posted on 23-10-2010 11:50:56

Hello, bit of a long winded newsletter but after operating for over a year now we have finally had breathing space to consider your varied requests so we are trying various experiments

The good news is that after months of solid casting (and expensive overtime ) recently most orders have left well within the 21 days, with many now under 14 days. Whilst we will shortly get down to a period when many orders will be done within 7 days, to be honest we need to spend a LOT of time renewing moulds and taking photos - as well as adding new ranges- so the chances of us casting daily to order will not happen for a while.

Now that we are almost on top of the casting (famous last words!) we can do rush jobs for those urgent display games and birthday/Christmas presents. The cost will be an extra 10% of the order BEFORE postage with a minimum of £2.00 extra. This can only be done if paying by credit card.
Priority orders will be cast within the week and sent by 1st class Post

We will also try taking phone orders between now and Christmas

For a while now we have been using a much superior grade of metal. It costs over twice as much as the grade we inherited but apart from ruining your clippers we have had very positive feedback

Minifigs & Matchlock are only a very small part of the whole Caliver Books/ Partizan Press organization and roadshow. We already take vast amounts of varied stuff to shows in an over-loaded long wheelbase Transit and I'm afraid that having to remember to bring 2 packs of 12 mm tanks just because you don't want to pay minimum postage is stretching my sanity. HOWEVER that said I am constantly told by customers that it's not about saving money but about not being in for the postman, not having regular internet access or handing over cash so that the missus doesn't spot the credit card bill!! or other equally valid reason

So as an experiment to see whether you will actually turn up and pick up the stuff- and that the casting team can co-ordinate casting 2 weeks in advance (and get the package on the van in time! ) we shall try an experiment and take orders to WARFARE at Reading. Three provisos- 1) we have a credit card on file for you in case you can't make the show (but you can pay how you like on the day) 2) the order is at least worth £20 3) you tell us at least one week before the event. We will charge you 10% delivery

We are one of the last companies to still have large numbers of single figure codes so that you don't have to buy more 25mm than you need.

Due to the way that the moulds we inherited are set up giving a discount based on order value doesn't work for us- it costs nearly twice as much in staff time to successfully cast one 25mm standard bearer for example than it does a standard figure

But in these times of economic uncertainty everyone likes to think that they are getting a deal. So, we are going to offer 10% discount on orders of OVER 35 figures of the SAME 25mm code. or over 15 packs of the same 15mm or 12mm code. You must post/Email your order in as there will be no shopping cart codes for the discount and pay by DEBIT/CREDIT CARD or CHEQUE/POSTAL ORDERS only NOT PAYPAL. You can of course mix other codes in the order

War of 1812 Out Now

Posted on 27-07-2010 12:22:08

The first of our War of 1812 range is out now and here is a few painted up just to show you.

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Coming Soon War of 1812

Posted on 06-03-2010 09:20:42

New from MATCHLOCK MINIATURES War of 1812 28mm just have a look at some of the lovely greens!

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Posted on 02-02-2010 12:52:49

Many of you have asked to be able to buy figures individually. As a trial we are selling NAPOLEONIC 15mm at 30p per foot, 60p per horse figure. COMMAND NOT INCLUDED . Obviously it is cheaper to buy them in full packs if you can.

To save confusion this can be done ONLY via the CALIVER BOOKS website using the custom order section and paid for by credit card. Individual codes cannot make up more than half of all codes ordered. I.e if you buy 10 packs you can only buy individuals from no more than 10 codes- It is not worth the time pulling and replacing moulds for whole orders of sample figures.

Don't forget to tell us which codes are individual and which codes are packs. !

Christmas Message

Posted on 23-12-2009 15:16:56

A thank you from all the Caliver Team for all your support during 2009. Your patience during the integration of MINIFIGS into an already broad based and very busy company was particularly appreciated.

With all the figure range; rules and uniforms books we have in the pipeline 2010 looks pretty busy already



Production of all ranges back in full swing.

Posted on 04-11-2009 12:50:49

Just to let everyone know that we are fully back in operation and that we are working our way steadily though all the back orders.

Back up and running

Posted on 06-10-2009 12:41:02


well, all the moulds , machines etc are now installed in Nottingham.

The 12mm ranges are now sorted. the orders for those should start trickling out towards the end of the week as we slowly work our way through the systems, get used to the machines and moulds etc.

Dave & team

Existing & New Orders

Posted on 07-09-2009 16:06:57

Just to inform everyone who has an existing order and all those placing new orders. Due to the change of ownership and location, there will be a delay of around 6 weeks before normal production recommences.
If this delay is too great please contact us and we will refund your money, we are sorry for all the inconvenience this causes.

Caliver Books Purchase Miniature Figurines

Posted on 04-09-2009 18:42:03



Good luck Liz & Neil, and thanks for keeping MINIFIGS alive during the Dark Times!

Web Site

Posted on 01-07-2009 09:34:38

We would like to apologise to anyone who has tried to contact us via telephone over the past couple of weeks. Due to a staff shortage we have not been able to man the telephones as we would have liked, but hope to have this resolved soon.

We are, however, still processing orders and responding as quickly as we can to queries via email, so if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for bearing with us.

Processing time

Posted on 14-04-2009 08:47:24

Due to maternity leave and staff sickness it is taking us longer to process orders than it would normally. We are sorry for the delays; we hope to get back to some form of normality soon.

New Release

Posted on 20-02-2009 10:56:26

Good news, baby Ben was born to Liz and Bill this morning at 3.13, I hope you will all join with me in wishing them all well.

Blitzkrieg Commander

Posted on 10-02-2009 11:46:33

We are currently out of stock of these rules and awaiting the new and improved version from Pete. All those customers that have orders with us and have not yet received their rules, we will get them to you as soon as we can.

New WWII and Modern

Posted on 09-01-2009 11:14:16

As promised here are the new releases for the 12mm WWII and Modern ranges, all have been added to the catalogue and have pictures.

BV-38 Matilda I
GV-102 Marder III

MAV009 M1A1 Abrams (remake)
MAV012 M1A1 Abrams w/Mine Plough

MRV010 T-72B w/ERA
MRV011 T-64B
MRV012 T-55 w/Mine Roller

New For January 2009

Posted on 24-12-2008 11:08:03

Just a sample picture of what will be coming out in January. We will be molding these in the 1st couple of week in January so look for the new list of WWII and Modern items towards the end of the month.

News Item Image

Christmas Break

Posted on 19-12-2008 11:21:33

We would like to thank all customers for their support over the past year and especially the last 6 months with our move. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We will be closing the unit around lunchtime on the 24th December and reopen on 5th January 2009.

Finally There

Posted on 14-11-2008 10:33:29

After a month spent trying to sort out access to the Internet at the new unit, the move taking more time and effort than expected, we are now back in full swing. We have had to delay the release of new items for the 12mm range as we are trying to clear back orders, we still hope to have these new 12mm items out before Christmas.

We would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to those that have helped us over the past couple of months; we are now looking forward to future.

New Telephone Number

Posted on 02-10-2008 22:30:24

We now have a new telephone number: +44 (0)2380 528 907.

Unfortunately we will be off-line for 5-10 days due to the move, but you can still place orders using the above number or alternatively, place your order on the web site and we will process it once we are back on-line.

Thanks for your patience.

New Address

Posted on 12-09-2008 09:00:15

As promised here is the new address for the company, we hope to keep the same phone number but if we are unlucky we will of course let you know. We will of course have a mail re-direct in place just in case.

Solent Business Centre
Unit 003
Millbrook Road West
SO15 0HW

12mm World War II and Moving News

Posted on 15-08-2008 11:44:58

We have added pictures to the French range and updated and added some more to the German.

On another subject, Minifigs will be moving within the next couple of months. We will publish the address closer to the time of the move. This should not upset our turnaround to much although we will be working closer to the 21 day time scale. We hope you will all be able to bare with us.

12mm World War II

Posted on 01-08-2008 09:52:00

More 12mm WWII german vehicals have been added to the website.

12mm World war II

Posted on 25-07-2008 11:56:37

Have made a start on the WWII germans. All German infantry are on the website and vehicals upto GV17 are also on the website

15mm Mid to Late 16th Century and 17th Century

Posted on 18-07-2008 11:57:49

The 15mm mid to late 16th century figures are the website along with 16th century Moors of North Afica and Ottoman turks and Early to mid 17th century Western Europe

15mm Early 16th Century

Posted on 11-07-2008 11:37:24

The 15mm Early 16th Century Range has been added to the website

15mm English Civil War

Posted on 04-07-2008 10:44:34

The 15mm English Civil War Range has been added to the web site

More 25mm Pictures

Posted on 27-06-2008 10:39:40

Finished the basic 25mm Dark Ages, We have now started on the 25mm Crusaders

25mm Dark Ages

Posted on 06-06-2008 11:20:42

We have started adding pictures to the 25mm Dark Ages page

25mm Pictures

Posted on 30-05-2008 10:05:28

We have completed the Imperial Rome basic figure pictures and have now started on the Greek and Persians.

More Pictures

Posted on 16-05-2008 10:28:25

We have continued to add more pictures to the 25mm Imperial Rome range

New 25mm Pictures

Posted on 02-05-2008 11:22:07

We have started adding pictures to the 25mm Ancient range; the 1st pictures are up in the Imperial Rome section of the catalogue.

Salute Requests

Posted on 25-04-2008 11:29:49

We have added pictures this week that where requested at Salute. The pictures are of the following ranges, Montcalm and Wolf, Indian of 1790 and the Hussite Wars.

Salute 08

Posted on 10-04-2008 12:01:27

April 19th 2008, Minifigs will be at Salute 08, stand TE20. Looking at the floor plan we are on the back wall almost in a direct line from the Q-Buster entrance

World War One Infantry finished

Posted on 04-04-2008 11:50:43

All the pictures of World War One Infantry are now up on the site, hope to have the Cavalry done next week, although we are now on the run up to Salute 08 so we might not have time. We will post our stand number next week so people can come up and see us if they wish.

More 15mm

Posted on 28-03-2008 12:35:34

Hope everyone had a good Easter. We have finished of the photos for the 15mm Franco-Prussian range and have made a start on World War One, just the British Infantry at the moment, more to be added next week.

More 15mm photos

Posted on 14-03-2008 12:56:09

We have finished the 15mm Feudal Europe and Crusades range, and we have made a start on the Franco-Prussian War figures.

New Images added

Posted on 07-03-2008 12:12:07

Have finished all the basic 25mm English Civil War figures, completed the 15mm Feudal Europe and Crusades Infantry, hope to have the cavalry done next week.

15mm Pictures added

Posted on 29-02-2008 11:53:25

We have added the 15mm Samurai and made a start on the 15mm Feudal Europe and Crusades ranges

More pictures

Posted on 22-02-2008 11:12:10

We have added all the basic 25mm Seven Year War infantry and cavalry figures and made a start on the 25mm English Civil War range as well.

New 12mm Release

Posted on 14-02-2008 13:40:21

Here is a list of all the new 12mm items added to the site today.

MI024 American Crew
MAV011 M50a1 Ontos
MAV301 M102 105mm Light Towed Howitzer

MI003 British Crew
MBV302 L118 105mm Light Gun
ACMB53 Westland Puma HC.Mk1

MGV005 Panzerhaubitze 2000

MI043 Russian Crew
MRV113 BTR 152 D
MRV301 D-30 2A18m 122mm Towed Howitzer

BV-37 A-10 Cruiser

Even More

Posted on 07-02-2008 14:15:38

Have added the rest of the Austrian 25mm basic infantry and cavalry, also added today were the Spanish, Dutch, Belgium, Bavarian, Wurtenburg, Danish, Swedish, Nassau and Portuguese. This should now cover all the basic troop types for our 25mm Napoleonic ranges.

More photos

Posted on 01-02-2008 12:39:33

15mm Prussians and 25mm French Napoleonic are finished and we have added the basic infantry and cavalry to the 25mm Prussians, Russians, Duchy of Warsaw, and Brunswicks and made a start on the Austrians.

More Images

Posted on 25-01-2008 12:09:23

More pictures have been added to the 25mm Napoleonic French, we have also added the infantry and infantry commands to the 15mm Napoleonic Prussian. We hope to add the cavalry and commands to the Prussians and more to the 25's next week.

New Pictures Added

Posted on 13-01-2008 10:25:07

We have added some new pictures to the 25mm Napoleonic British and French catalogue pages; these are of the basic infantry and cavalry figures. All the pictures where taken using figures that have been through the molding process, you will notice that some are darker than others, this is just a discolouration that is caused by that process, nothing more.

New Look Web Site

Posted on 13-01-2008 08:42:00

We would just like to say welcome to the new look Miniature Figurine web site. We hope you like the new look, and you can find what you want for your gaming needs.

~ 9960008 page hits since 16th January 2008 ~

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