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Ordering Online

Navigate the menu on the left where you will find all the items available in our catalogue listed by scale, period and nation. Payment can be made online using PayPal. You can also make a direct payment with your Debt or Credit card via secure server by going to Caliver Books and following the instructions. IGNORE ANY ADDITIONAL POSTAGE CHARGES - WE WILL CHARGE MANUALLY ON COMPLETION OF YOUR ORDER.


Not many customers appreciate that this costs established businesses  4 times more than if you use  Credit/Debit cards. We have decided not to pass on this charge, but you should note that Credit card customers will have priority


Is available to Credit card orders only. Ask for this option on your order AND when you go to the Caliver Site to pay.

Note that the cost is an extra £3.50 UK, £6.50 ROW

DISCOUNT 10% discount on orders of OVER 50 figures of the SAME 25mm code. or over 15 packs of the same 15mm or 12mm code. You must post/Email your order in as there will be no shopping cart codes for the discount and pay by DEBIT/CREDIT CARD or CHEQUE/POSTAL ORDERS only NOT PAYPAL. You can of course mix other codes in the order but they will be at the standard price

EXPRESS ORDERS Normal CASTING time is 6-8 working days. We can do rush jobs for those urgent display games and birthday presents. The cost will be an extra 10% of the order BEFORE postage with a minimum of £2.00 extra. This can only be done if paying by credit card. Priority orders will be cast within a few working days sent by 1st class Post

Ordering By Telephone

We are not currently taking orders by phone only enquires on +44 (0)1159 382 111.

Ordering By Post

Please send your order and payment in Pounds Sterling (GBP) to the following address:

  Caliver Books
  40A Percy Street
  NG16 3EP
  United Kingdom

Please make cheques payable to Caliver Books

Ordering In Person

We are open from 9.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. Orders can be picked up from the unit, please give us 48 Hrs notice if you wish to do this so we can have your complete order cast and waiting for you.

Credit Card Details

Please make sure you include the following when sending us your Credit Card details:

  1. Your full name as shown on the front of the card
  2. Your 16 digit credit card number
  3. The expiry date
  4. The last three digits from the back of the card (see below)

Credit Card CVV2 Number

All EU Orders Are Sent With The VAt Already Paid So There Should Be No Extra Fees On Receipt

Postal Rates

Region Rate Min Max
UK/BFPO 10% £3.99 £11.50
Europe 25% £6.50 £55.00
Rest of the World 25% £8.25 £59.50

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